Our Mission

The ASAI vision and mission is to cultivate a vibrant African Irish and International African and non-African student community about and for Africa in Ireland. A companionship that shares passion and ideas about the socio-economic development of society and community in Ireland, Africa and the wide world. Also, we seek to promote the strengthening of bonds between all individuals studying in Ireland by enhancing the expression of timeless values and experiences to advocate positive cultural dynamism and integration in a society where we all prosper, are respected and celebrated. We aim to develop appreciation and celebration of the achievements of African history and culture as well contribute in the work of resolving challenges facing Ireland and Africa in this century and centuries to come preparing students as current and future national, continental and global leaders

Aims And Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association for African and non-African students members shall be:

1. ASAI shall unite African, African descent and students interested in Africa studying in Ireland and promote friendship, goodwill and communication of ideas as well as support and encourage social-cultural interaction, educational aspirations and present the rich heritage of African culture and history.

2. ASAI shall welcome, assist and provide support to African and African descent students as they adjust to their studying environment by way of liaising with and/or linking students to the support structures/services provided by the government and other institutions

3. ASAI shall strengthen the participation of African and African decent students studying in Ireland in students’ activities in their colleges through the formation of Africa societies in colleges and supporting other initiatives.

4. ASAI shall assist and support students to prepare and take a proactive leadership role; and make their contribution in social, political, cultural and economic development programs for Africa, Ireland, Europe and the wide world.

5. ASAI shall create a link with other student associations with the view to promote and celebrate diversity among international students and Irish students in colleges.

6. ASAI shall promote the formation and play the main part in strengthening the European national African students associations and the European Federation of African Students, as well as support the existence of a strong and active students’ movement in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

7. ASAI shall establish ASAI Alumni network and link with other Africa Students Associations in Africa and other countries.  ASAI shall also act as a resource centre for information on African countries.

Our Team