The African Students Association of Ireland (ASAI) is an organisation that represents third-level students of African descent, and those of non-African descent who are passionate or curious about the abundant and diverse culture(s) within the African continent. The focus of ASAI is to cultivate a vibrant student community through the sharing of African cultures and values; the learning of African history; the celebration of achievements by Africans on the Continent and in the diaspora and addressing challenges affecting both Ireland and the African continent.

Through our work, ASAI aims to foster integration, celebrate diversity, break down stereotypes and create an informed and active study body. Though, ASAI has existed for 8 years in the last few months a lot of work has gone into rebranding the organisation so that we are better equipped to fulfil our mandate and serve our members. ASAI is changing for the better, both externally and internally.

These changes will enable us to continue to fulfil our commitment to enrich the learning experience of our members during their studies, strengthen student participation at the university through Africa Societies, provide support, foster a strong student community and equip students to be proactive leaders in their universities, communities, nationally and globally. So come along to our networking event and see our plans for the year meet new people and enjoy some native refreshments.