E Europe and Africa

Europe and Africa

ASAI works to activate students to play greater role in their cooperation and their formation as current and future leaders nationally and globally in various sectors. Towards this ASAI carries out its activities in Ireland and has initiated processes and projects to revive and consolidate African students’ activities in Europe and Africa.

For Europe ASAI has started and is spearheading the formation of the European Federation of African Students (EFASA). The ASAI team has already drafted the proposal for the Federation constitution which is now being discussed among students associations in Europe.

While the constitutional proposal is being discussed, ASAI has already began preparation for the conference which will bring together in Dublin, Ireland African students and others students interested in this idea to discuss and agree on the formation of the EFASA in March 2016.

Co-current with formation of Federation ASAI is networking with students in other European countries for them to start their national Associations of African students which will then coordinate effort to set up Africa societies in the universities and colleges in those countries.

In Africa, ASAI is working one main project which is in the process of implementation:

International Students week in Tanzania -2016 ( ISWT – 16)
This is a global student’s event which will bring together more than 200 students from around the world in Tanzania for a discussion on various global challenges and the role of students in addressing them as current and future global citizens and leaders.
ASAI supports the Tanzania team to organize this event and spreading the word about this conference so that students from Ireland and Europe can attend in August –September, 2016.


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