President of ASAI

Gloria Nkencho

My name is Gloria Nkencho I’m 21 year old Law and business graduate. I completed my undergraduate in Maynooth university and I’m currently doing a master’s programme in International commercial business law in Galway University. I joined ASAI in the hopes to be an agent for change for students and other Africans within Ireland. Student engagement has been a passion for me since I started my 3rd level education. I have been part of the African society for 4 years. Working with ASAI allows me to engage with students and do all that is possible to improve student life. My role as the Secretary General of ASAI is to ensure that all policies and procedures are implemented and To represent the interests students across Ireland.

Vice President of ASAI

Adebola Kafilat Akintonde

My name is Adebola Kafilat Akintonde. One of my great passion in life in educating , that is why I’m so passionate about Africa society etc. I believe that it is a great way to educate not just people from Africa but also those that are not from Africa but want to learn more about the people, culture , beliefs and way of life. To me Africa society gives us an opportunity to be ourselves without the judgment of the outside world in a sense. To me Africa society is a community not just a community in college but also a community outside of college.

For me personally one of the things that really matter to me at the moment is the representation of black people in Ireland. I feel as though there is really a lack of representation of the black community in Ireland. I really believe this is where ASAI can come in and make a difference.

Events Officer

Bisola Rafiat Jadesola

My name is Bisola Rafiat Jadesola, born on the 11th of May 1997 in Lagos State, Nigeria. My parents are both from the Yoruba tribe but I grew up speaking English. I moved to Dublin, Ireland at the age of 8 in August 2005, coming from Nigeria at a young age I found it very hard to adapt to the Irish culture and people, I found it very hard to make friends with people in my class, but I eventually overcame my shyness due to developing people skills. Currently, I’m a student at the Institute of Technology Tallaght in the Second year of business management. In October 2016 I set up the African society in my college and I found it very challenging at the time but I was very motivated by the fact that most of the colleges in Dublin had African Society and our college was left out. While I was president I found my passion for events, I realised I loved putting ideas and plans together and making them a reality right in front of your very own eyes, I hadn’t even realized my passion until after putting my all into our successful fashion show and was commended for my hard work and organisational skills, also seeing pictures of the final result although I didn’t get to enjoy what I had put together in the moment, it gave me a lot of joy knowing I was able to produce something that brought enjoyment and smiles to people’s faces, made an impact on people’s memories and feelings, this gave me the drive to want to do more and I am currently pursuing this passion as I am currently studying Business Management and I intend on pursuing a career in Event Management in the near future. January 2018 I joined the African students association of Ireland (ASAI)and I am currently the events officer.

Welfare Secretary

Samuella Momoh

My name is Samuella Momoh. I'm the current Welfare Secretary of ASAI. I'm currently in final year in UCD and I've been involved with the African Society in my college since my second year. I've taken up roles as vice auditor/ liaison officer, ordinary committee member and now I'm the current treasurer. I've enjoyed working with my Africa society as an international student because I want a lot of Africans to be involved in societies that represent their countries and for individuals to spread their African heritage.

Finding a society that represents African students has been the next best thing. It shows that we've been considered worthy to have a representation and that's what ASAI is about. This organisation/society is for Africans living in Ireland and international students alike. We don't just want a society for parties and turn ups but for educational purposes. We want to create a bridge for Africans leaving secondary going into university as well as those graduating from university and entering the working world. Imagine having an organisation that stands with you as a bigger sibling to help at various steps in life. We aim at having representatives at all universities to get more access to students and be a good link to the African societies in colleges as well. As I mentioned I am the current welfare secretary of ASAI and in this role, my aim is to be able to handle the welfares of members, in regards to housing! finance, information on colleges, touring Ireland for international students. I knew the difficulty I faced coming into a new country on my own and not having the right fit but with an organisation like ASAI, me as a rep on the committee and you as members we can make this work.

Social Media Coordinator

Elizabeth Wuraola Ayeni

I'm Elizabeth Wuraola Ayeni. I'm the social media coordinator.
I joined the Africa students’ association of Ireland because I wanted to make a difference! Going to university in Dublin wasn't easy. Not academic wise but social wise. It's hard to communicate with likeminded people who look like you. And when I heard of ASAI I thought well why can't we be that difference. Helping with jobs, internships for us upcoming youths. While engaging with people who look like me.

Financial Secretary

Kennedy Okolie

My name is Kennedy Okolie, I am from Nigeria, living in Ireland for about 11 years now. I am currently studying Business and IT and I am the President of the African society of ITB. I have a role as a Financial secretary in ASAI since February of this year. I joined ASAI because I share its vision of growth and development. I wanted to be a part of something big which would make a difference in Ireland, culturally, and educationally. I also hope to further develop myself going forward and helping pave the way for younger generations to make ASAI a well recognised organisation not only in Ireland but globally in years to come!

Education Officer

Ihunaya Enyi-Amadi

My name is Ihunaya Enyi-Amadi, I am a graduate of Bachelor of civil law from Dublin City University and LL.M in international and comparative law from Trinity College Dublin. I am Nigerian and a neutralized Irish citizen. I was first involved with Africa students association Ireland as the secretary of the DCU Africa society and I am currently serving as the education officer for ASAI.

Legal Consultant

Toyosi Sobodu

Assistant Legal Consultant

Blessing Aleshinloye

Hi, my name is Blessing and I am a masters student at NUIG. My role on the ASAI committee is the Assistant Legal Consultant. As a law student I believe I have the right skills and qualities for this role and I hope to make as much of an impact on ASAI as I can.

Web Administrator

Toni Olalekan

Munster Regional Representative

Yusuf Gbede

my name is Yusuf Gbede and I am The WIT African Society President and I am also Munster regional rep.
my role as a regional Rep is essentially that I am a spokesperson for my region and that I am a direct link between my college/ region and ASAI. If there are any arising matters I would report back to ASAI. As well as that whatever information ASAI would have, I would report it back to my region/college.